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Android App Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) relates to the collection of personal data from the devices of end-users (“user”, “you” or “your”) that have installed the Deep Instinct mobile application (“Deep Instinct App”).

This Privacy Policy addresses the collection, use and disclosure of  your Personal Information (as this term is defined below) through the use of the Deep Instinct App, either when downloaded and installed by you or deployed on your device by another entity (such as your employer) which acquired a license to use and deploy the Deep Instinct App (“License Holder”). Consequently, various functionalities of the Deep Instinct App and their respective information collection will depend on the policies and configuration determined by the License Holder.

Please note that Personal Information is collected solely by and on the behalf of the License Holders, including any users authorized by the License Holder to use the Deep Instinct App on its behalf.

This means that the License Holder maintains ownership of their Customer Data (as this term is defined below) and determines its own policies regarding the storage, access permission and credentials, deletion, sharing, and retention of the Customer Data.

This also means that we typically do not have access to the Customer Data (except where instructed by the License Holder, or in relation to performing certain professional services for the License Holder), do not exercise control over the way it is used or shared, and do not determine its retention period.

We firmly recommend checking with the License Holder about the policies and settings it has in place.

We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy carefully and use it to make informed decisions. The Privacy Policy is a part of our terms of use set forth in the End User License Agreement which this Privacy Policy is incorporated into by references. By using the Deep Instinct App, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and your continued use of the Deep Instinct App constitutes your ongoing agreement to this Privacy Policy.

  1. Types of Personal Information that is collected

When the Deep Instinct App is deployed by our License Holder and integrated with the License Holder’s platforms, or otherwise when the Deep Instinct App is installed on your device, the Deep Instinct App collects, stores and analyzes data that is stored on or transmitted through our License Holder’s platforms.

This data is classified as "Customer Data", and includes data, text, audio, video or images that a customer or any end user transfers to the Deep Instinct App for processing in connection with that customer's account and any computational results that a customer or any end user derives from the foregoing through their use of the Deep Instinct App.

When installing the Deep Instinct App, two types of Customer Data are collected:

  • The first type of information is un-identified and non-identifiable information pertaining to a user, which may be made available by you in the registration process or gathered via your use of the Deep Instinct App (“Non-Personal Information”). Non-Personal Information which is being collected in order to operate our the Deep Instinct App, includes technical information transmitted by your device, including certain software and hardware information as further detailed below; and information regarding the behavior and usage of device and networks around and by your device in order to provide you and the License Holder with analysis, in respect to potential threats all a further detailed below.
  • Without derogating for the generality of the foregoing, below is a description of the un-identified and non-identifiable information we collect and transmit in order to operate our system and provide the Service:
    • Software and Hardware information, such as:
      • OS version
      • Device model
      • Device manufacturer.
    • Information regarding behavior and usage of the device, such as:
      • Device rooted status,
      • Encryption enforcement status
      • Password enforcement status
      • Camera enforcement status
      • Device admin status
      • Unknown sources settings status
      • USB debugging settings status
      • Installed Apps on the Device  
  • The second type of information is information that identifies an individual or may with reasonable effort identify an individual (“Personal Information”). The Personal information collected through the Deep Instinct App is very limited and only includes the user’s name, the user’s devices Internet Protocol (“IP”) address and certain unique device identifiers (such as MAC address). If Personal Information is combined with Non-Personal Information, the combined information will be treated as Personal Information for as long as it remains combined. 
  1. The manner in which the Personal Information is used

The Customer Data may only be used to enable the License Holder to monitor and analyze its end-users' behavior for safety, compliance and management purposes, such as to:

  • Detect security gaps, insider threats and cyber threats by analyzing data, account activity, and user behavior;
  • Monitor for abnormal behavior, alert on unusual activity and prevent data breaches;
  • Analyze and monitor the behavior and activity of users and accounts, such as peer analysis, working hours, device insight, data access, and more;
  • Discover sensitive data and vulnerability points, thereby allowing the License Holder to prioritize and successfully protect it;
  • Monitor file activity and user behavior and simplify permissions management and auditing;
  • Investigate potential security risks, automate security policy and prioritize remediation;
  • Monitor and analyze file system, active directory, and email activity;
  • Automate reports and mange audit trails and processes to achieve compliance with applicable laws and corporate policies.Register your device and to identify your access to certain features of the Deep Instinct App. In addition, Personal Information is used to notify the License Holder about potential threats to your device.
  • Send you updates and notices and to provide you with information related to the Deep Instinct App, to ask for your feedback in order to improve the administration and quality of experience of our website and products, and to respond to your inquiries and requests.
  • Anonymous, statistical or aggregated Non-Personal Information may also be sued to properly operate the Deep Instinct App, to improve the quality and functionality of the Deep Instinct App, to analyze request and usage patterns, to enhance experience, to create new services and for other internal and statistical purposes.
  1. How Personal Information is shared?

Your Personal Information will be disclosed by the License Holder to a third party only to the extent required for the specific purpose, as stipulated in this Privacy Policy, and in such case we require the relevant third party to agree to process such information in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information is shared in the following ways:

  • With the License Holder’s third party service providers in order to operate the Deep Instinct App (e.g. storing information on third party hosting services, providing technical assistance, etc.), to send you updates and notices and to analyze statistical and aggregated Non-Personal Information.
  • Personal Information, or any information you submitted via the the Deep Instinct App may also be disclosed where the disclosure is helpful or reasonably necessary to: (i) comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request; (ii) enforce our policies and terms and conditions, including investigations of potential violations thereof; (iii) investigate, detect, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities or other wrongdoing, suspected fraud or security issues; (iv) to establish or exercise our rights to defend against legal claims; (v) prevent harm to the rights, property or safety of us, our users, yourself or any third party; or (vi) for the purpose of collaborating with law enforcement agencies and/or in case we find it necessary in order to enforce intellectual property or other legal rights.
  1. Your choices

You may, at any time, request to change, update or request to remove (subject to any other legal obligation that may require us to keep the information) your Personal Information by contacting License Holder. 

  1. How long the information is retained
    Your Personal Information is retained in accordance with the retention policy and instructions of the License Holder. 
  1. Safeguard measures we employ to protect your information

We take great care in implementing and maintaining the security of the Deep Instinct App and your Personal Information. We and our trusted service providers use a variety of industry standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

We utilize some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using industry standard SSL technology, your information is protected using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your information is safe and secure.

To protect your Android device, Deep Instinct needs you to enable specific permissions, such as activating Device Administrator. Enabling these permissions are never used to collect Personal Information.

Although we take reasonable steps to safeguard information, we cannot be responsible for the acts of those who gain unauthorized access or abuse the Deep Instinct App, and we make no warranty, express, implied or otherwise, that we will prevent such access.

We will store your Personal Information on our trusted cloud service providers which may be located in countries outside the European Union. The data protection and other laws of these countries may not be as comprehensive as those in the European Union − in these instances we will take steps to ensure that a similar level of protection is given to your Personal Information. You hereby consent to transfer of your Personal Information to countries outside the European Union.

If you feel that your privacy was treated not in accordance with our policy, or if any person attempted to abuse the Deep Instinct App or acted in an inappropriate manner, please contact us directly at privacy@deepinstinct.com. 

  1. Affiliates and corporate transaction

Your Personal Information may be shared with us, with our parent company, any subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under a common control (collectively "affiliated companies"). We may share Information, including Personal Information, in the event of a corporate transaction (e.g. sale of a substantial part of our business, merger, consolidation or asset sale). In the event of the above, our affiliated companies or acquiring company will assume the rights and obligations as described in this Privacy Policy. 

  1. Updates or amendments to the Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, in our sole discretion, and the most current version will always be posted on our website (as reflected in the "Last Revised" heading). We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes. In case of material changes, we will post a notice of those changes through the our website or through another methods. Your continued use of the Deep Instinct App, following the notification of such amendments, constitutes your acknowledgement and consent of such amendments to the Privacy Policy and your agreement to be bound by the terms of such amendments. 

  1. How to contact us

If you have any general questions about the Deep Instinct App or the information that is collected about you and how it is used, please contact the License Holder.

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