Deeo Instinct

Interim Cyber Threat Report 2022

 As 2023 draws nearer, we look at the most important cyberthreats of the year along and what trends to pay attention to. In this report, we have found the continued proliferation of RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) one of the highest concerns.

Key takeaways:

  • The latest Ransomware trends for Lockbit, Conti, Hive, BlackCat/ALPHV
  • The new Conti splinter groups, like Quantum, BlackBasta, BlackByte, that are rising in the ranks
  • The significant changes to Emotet, Agent Tesla, NanoCore, and others
  • New malware deployment methods using methods like LNK, HTML, and archive email attachments
  • Vulnerabilities such as SpoolFool, Follina, and DirtyPipe exploitability of both Windows and Linux systems

2023 Predictions:

See our predictions around insiders and affiliate programs, including an increase in protestware, and what to watch for in end-of-year attacks.