Live Demo: How to Prevent the New Wave of Emotet

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About this webinar

The finding of Emotet on your corporate network can mark the beginning of the end, the death knell of your organization’s security, heck, the end of your organization! In no small way, the creators of Emotet have been able to leave their notorious trail of destruction, through their advanced evasion techniques as they continuously work on finding new ways of being persistent and going undetected.

Join us in this webinar, where we explore the research conducted by Deep Instinct on the new wave of Emotet and the evasion techniques that it employs. Our research has shown the advanced use of obfuscation to hide the malicious API calls and the use of benign code to manipulate the algorithm of that sophisticated and expensive AI-based security tool that you may have in place.

After this webinar, you will Gain:

  • Critical information on how Emotet works its malicious logic; how it operates and spreads infection
  • Knowledge from the experts on how Emotet techniques are modifying to penetrate and stay undetected by many organizational security operations
  • Information on how security teams can find the encrypted payload
  • Get some tips on how to make your organization more resilient to an Emotet attack

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About Our Speakers

Stephen Salinas

Stephen Salinas, Head of product marketing at Deep Instinct

Steve has specialized in defining and marketing cutting edge technology solutions that solve complex cybersecurity problems for more than twelve years. His experience includes holding product management, product marketing, and solution engineering positions with leading security vendors. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and regularly publishes blogs aimed at providing both business and technical insights to the security community. Steve went to Texas A&M University for undergrad and earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Ron Ben-Yizhak

Ron Ben-Yizhak, Security Researcher at Deep Instinct

Ron acquired his training in cybersecurity within special intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Forces. During this time he analyzed and reverse engineered various types of malware and investigated cyber security incidents throughout the entire threat lifecycle. He graduated from his unit with full honors that recognized excellency in developing research methodologies.


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