Expecting the Unexpected: Live Demo on Preventing Never-Seen-Before Attacks

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About this webinar

New, never-seen-before attacks confront cyber security analysts with the uncomfortable conundrum – How do you prevent the unknown? New variants of malware are so dangerous precisely because they can be impossible to anticipate and difficult to detect, leaving companies persistently exposed until the time it is detected and then removed. What’s more in recent years, new attacks have become increasingly common, with analysts finding as much as 80% of attacks tend to be new or unknown, zero-days.

In this live demo webinar we explore the new malware threat landscape; why they have become the preferred method amongst hackers, the vulnerabilities that they tend to use and how deep learning technology is used to predict and prevent the unknown. We’ll also address what can be done to prevent them, enabling analysts to expect the unexpected.

After this webinar, you will Gain:

  • Critical information on how attacks commonly work their malicious logic and why time is of the essence
  • Knowledge from the experts on how new malware variants modify to penetrate and stay undetected by security operations
  • Information on how deep learning technology is used to predict and prevent attacks that it’s never been exposed to before
  • Get some tips on how to make your organization more resilient to never-seen-before attacks

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Stephen Salinas

Head of Product Marketing

Deep Instinct



Dennis Jones

Sales Engineer

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Roei Amit

Threat Intelligence Researcher

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