The Astounding Total Economic Impact of Deep Instinct: Research Findings

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About this webinar

Choosing an endpoint security solution can be a daunting task, with the features, capabilities, and benefits touted across multiple vendors all being very similar. To assist the product selection process, Forrester Research developed the Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study™. A method to evaluate the potential economic impact of a solution on an organization.

Based on interviews with real customers, the Forrester TEI study considers pre and post solution implementation conditions, benefits, costs, and risks to generate a potential return on investment (ROI) of the solution.

In this webinar, Senior Forrester Security Analyst Chris Sherman, and Distinguished Sales Engineer at Deep Instinct, Brian Black, will reveal Deep Instinct’s Total Economic Impact Study’s findings.

After this webinar, you will Gain:

  • The Forrester TEI methodology
  • Product indicators for a good ROI
  • The benefits of moving to Deep Instinct
  • The importance of resilient security in the age of COVID-19

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About Our Speakers

chris sherman

Chris Sherman
Senior Security Analyst at Forrester


Brian Black
Distinguished Sales Engineer at Deep Instinct


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