2020 Cyber threat Landscape Report: Did you know malware increased by 358% YOY?

An insightful analysis of developments in the cyber threat landscape based on empirical research findings

The insights provided in the Deep Instinct’s 2020 Cyber Threat Landscape report will be a critical resource for those preparing to address the security challenges that are likely to emerge in 2021. The comprehensive summary provides an in-depth review of malware trends in 2020, insights gained based on constant observation, and grounded predictions for 2021.

The report includes analysis of major in-the-wild attacks and observations of the changing trends and tactics used by hackers. It includes ‘Top 5’ lists of the most common malware spotted and provides practical recommendations for your security team to implement.
Report highlights:
  • Opportunities hackers seized created by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Growing prevalence of Emotet which evolved dramatically, developing its propagation capabilities, and fueling a business underworld.
  • Use of double extortion tactics became the new standard in ransomware, raising the risk profile for ransomware for organizational security.
  • Strengthening partnership between government and the private sector to combat hackers more effectively.
  • Adversarial attacks on machine learning models are advancing, but fortunately so are the arsenal of defenses.

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