How the Endpoint Protection Evolution is Changing Managed Detection and Response

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About this webinar

For far too long, cybersecurity professionals have had to cobble together multiple tech tools and staff augmentation to round out their cyber threat protection. The result is a Frankenstein-like monstrous system that is overly expensive, difficult to maintain, and inefficient to operate.

In this session Netsurion’s experts will discuss why they chose to integrate Deep Instinct’s deep learning endpoint security technology into their EventTracker threat protection platform.

After this webinar, you will Gain:

  • Effective security operations must provide wide coverage and capabilities for prediction, prevention, detection, and response
  • Deep learning is delivering in simplicity - preventing endpoint threats while drastically decreasing false positives, a boon to over-worked Threat Hunters
  • Netsurion and Deep Instinct align to monitor and respond to known and unknown file and file-less threats
  • Managed security platforms build upon the alignment of technology, process, and efficient security teams to ensure optimal results

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About Our Speakers


Stephen Salinas

Head of Product Marketing

Deep Instinct



A.N. Ananth




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