How to Optimize Your Cybersecurity Stack

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About this webinar

Smartphones and smart TVs connected to the network, mobile laptops connecting via remote IPs, sensitive information accessible from anywhere, cloud storage systems holding cross-company data, the organization is a veritable mine field of security disasters. How is your organization approaching your enterprise’s security operations?

In this webinar our experts will offer their advice and recommendations on how to build an optimal cybersecurity stack that works across all devices, tools and locations from which your end-users may be working from. The session will also provide practical advice on how to develop a consistent security strategy that works for all of your end users, no matter their role or the applications they use.

After this webinar, you will Gain:

  • Understanding of the challenges typically experienced when trying to develop an “air-tight” cybersecurity stack
  • Strategies for protecting those devices that cannot be secured with traditional endpoint protection tools
  • Learn what security measures are most effective against ransomware and file-less threats
  • Get tips for patching, monitoring and managing the devices of remote workers'

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About Our Speakers


Stephen Salinas

Head of Product Marketing

Deep Instinct


Matthew Fulmer

Technical Account Manager

Deep Instinct



Mike Hornsby

Technical Product Manager




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