Using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Cyber Defense

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About this webinar

Waves of artificial intelligence technology that in turns has brought us machine learning and deep learning, promises to help IT security operations teams detect cyber threats sooner and respond more quickly. AI is used in a wide variety of ways, and not all AI-based products work in the same fashion.

In this session our experts will discuss the ways that these technologies can help in security operations, how they can speed threat analysis, and how to evaluate and choose technologies that will work in your organization.

After this webinar, you will Gain:

  • Understand the differences between how AI, ML, and DL technologies work (so you can see beyond buzzwords)
  • Learn how these tools can improve detection of novel, previously unseen threats
  • Examine how AI- and ML-enabled security tools will tackle the problem of mitigating AI-enabled attacksnderstanding of the challenges typically experienced when trying to develop an “air-tight” cybersecurity stack

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About Our Speakers


Brian Black

Sr. Principle Architect & Technology Evangelist

Deep Instinct



John Langton

Chief Data Scientist




Tim Wilson

Editor in Chief Co-Founder

Dark Reading



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