The Cybersecurity Trade-Off

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It is an accepted fact that increasing prevention controls results in a higher rate of false positives. If the goal is to prevent as many threats as possible, with most solutions in the market today it makes sense that as thresholds tighten, some wrong categorization can occur. Given this fact, many security teams continuously work to balance their prevention settings with their capacity to investigate false positives; we call this the Prevention Trade-off Dilemma.

However, there is an emerging technology that eliminates this trade-off dilemma - Deep learning-based prevention. Deep learning prevention by its very nature ensures security teams do not have to make these problematic trade-off decisions required by other security products, as it analyzes all available data to make its malicious/benign decisions.

After this webinar, you will:

See why the cyber trade-off decision is unavoidable with legacy and most next-gen prevention tools

Gain a serviceable understanding of the differences between machine-learning and deep-learning prevention

• Achieve real world example of how this trade-off was significantly minimized with a deep learning-based solution


About our speakers:


all.psdShimonShimon Noam Oren, VP Research & Deep Learning at Deep Instinct

Shimon Noam Oren is a cyber security expert with experience in research and operations, both offensive and defensive. Prior to joining Deep Instinct in 2016 Shimon served for 14 years as an officer in the IDF’s elite cyber unit 8200. Shimon’s background includes a wide range of cyber security and research positions, where he managed multifunctional teams of hackers, researchers and engineers. Shimon led the development of new methods and tools for the analysis of cyber-campaigns, as well as a series of innovative cyber intelligence collection capabilities. Over the years Shimon has worked extensively with a variety of industry, defense and intelligence partners and agencies in North America and Europe. He is a recipient of the President of Israel Award for Outstanding Military Service, holds a B.Sc (Magna Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and MBA (Cum Laude) in Finance and Accounting from Tel Aviv University.


Steve-2Stephen Salinas, Head of product marketing at Deep Instinct

Steve has specialized in defining and marketing cutting edge technology solutions that solve complex cybersecurity problems for more than twelve years. His experience includes holding product management, product marketing, and solution engineering positions with leading security vendors. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and regularly publishes blogs aimed at providing both business and technical insights to the security community. Steve went to Texas A&M University for undergrad and earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.



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