What does it mean to have a security product that is focused on prevention, scanning all potential threats prior to execution?

Covering 6 different industries including Healthcare, Retail, Education, Finance, MSSPs and Aviation, these case studies explore what Prevention in Action will mean for your enterprise.


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Have You Heard of GandCrab Ransomware?

The creators of this nasty string of code earned $2.5 million per week as they successfully encrypted the data of both small and large enterprises alike, forcing them to pay out their atrocious ransom demands. Then there was NanoCore, a Remote Access Trojan, that successfully spread its tentacles into governments and banks in order to prey on highly sensitive information. The only rational conclusion that you can make from these attacks is that no industry is immune, no location beyond reach, and no enterprise safe from attack.

Assured Business Continuity 

In the following case studies we demonstrate how customers across various industries, who were attacked by vastly different threats, all remained protected. In each case, Deep Instinct was able to prevent threats from entering their enterprise and causing any damage.

Learn how these companies saved millions of dollars, retained resources and business continuity was blissfully assured.


Simple Yet Powerful

Deep Instinct was able to achieve these results due to its unique approach to cybersecurity; deep learning-based prevention. The deep neural network autonomously applies its predictive determination to prevent threats from entering the enterprise. While this novel approach has numerous benefits, principally it saves the enterprise considerable costs and resources from no longer having to contend with the collateral damages of an attack.

Find out what Prevention in Action will mean for your enterprise

Read the cases studies across 6 different industries: 

Healthcare, Retail, Education, Finance, MSSPs and Aviation.

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