False Positives are no longer a necessary evil!

Most AV and endpoint detection and response solutions generate many false positives. On average, one million alerts a year are triggered per company, of which 75% are false positives. This wastes $1.37 million per year in costs associated with investigation.

However, recent tests conducted by external industry authority, SE Labs, showed that false positives no longer have to be the bane of high detection rates. 

The tests analyzed the efficacy of Deep Instinct's deep learning cybersecurity platform by exposing it to a range of high-profile, known malware campaigns and a selection of new, sophisticated and unknown targeted attacks.

The results showed a wide range of detection and threat blocking capabilities against both file based and file-less (scripts, office and code injection) attacks.

Achieving unmatched efficacy against any threat, the solution achieved 100% detection and zero FPs for new and previously unseen files.

Without causing any interference with the system on which it was deployed.  

To find out more read the report.

Deep Instinct SE LAB



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