Cyber Threat landscape


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“Financially motivated, professionally skilled and too little to stop them”
- Shimon n oren, vp research & DEEP LEARNING

The findings within the 2019 Deep Instinct Cyber Threat Landscape report will be a critical resource for those preparing to address the security challenges of this coming year. The comprehensive summary provides an in-depth review of malware trends over the course of 2019, insights gained based on constant observation and grounded predictions for 2020.


Cybersecurity experts, particularly those involved in threat hunting and analytics will gain immensely from reviewing Deep Instinct’s in-depth analysis of several particularly virulent threats that surfaced in 2019. One example is Trickbooster a malicious email-based infection and distribution module being used by Trickbot. Another is Legion loader, an advanced malicious dropper which can drop multiple types of malware as payloads. The report also provides valuable insight on developing novel and yet easy to implement threat prevention techniques to keep your enterprise protected, and out of harm’s way.



Highlights from the Report

  • A deep dive into malware trends that emerged in the course of 2019; detailing evolving trends in ransomware, emerging spyware, the increased rate of data breaches and wiper attacks.
  • We look at the most common threat campaigns targeting various Operating Systems; both in terms of developing trends and the top five most damaging threats to Androids and MacOS.
  • Deep Instinct’s most interesting discoveries and the insights gained from each of them.
  • Explanation of how financially motivated hackers have become more professional and serious.


More Highlights
  • The development of ransomware attacks that are more focused on their targets with more devastating results.
  • We explore the connection between nation-states and financially motivated attacks.
  • Read about the expanding use of AI in cybersecurity, by both good actors and bad actors alike.
  • Finally, we provide our predictions for the year ahead. Not a glowing outlook, we hope to be proven wrong!