Best Practices to Manage an Effective Security Strategy in the Education Sector

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About this webinar
Teachers, students, admin, parents: The education sector has possibly the most diverse user base, each requiring its own user privileges, access requirements ,and behavioral trends. Yet besides this, there are a number of unique challenges to securing an educational environment, including ensuring broad attack surface protection, minimal false positives, and maintaining a cost-effective security posture.

Whether running a security team for a school district, college, or university, every solution added to the security stack must be fit for purpose and deliver on expectations.
So, where to begin?

Watch the on-Demand webinar for an informative discussion with Matthew Frederickson, Director of Information Technology for Council Rock School District in Newton, PA, to hear about how he took a fresh approach to build out his security framework. Watch as Matthew shares best practices from the field in evaluating security technology as well as adopting a new approach to security.

After this webinar, you will:

• Understand common challenges experienced by IT security staff of securing an educational environment

• Understand where AI technology is being used within educational environments to optimize security

• Get a real-world example of Council Rock’s transformation from reactive to proactive security

• Learn key tips for implementing a proactive security approach that will improve overall process
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