What is the Economic Value of a Preventive Approach in Cybersecurity?

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The far majority of cybersecurity professionals believe the most effective approach to reducing the cost of an attack is by adopting a preventative model. However, the perceived difficulty in achieving a thorough and efficient preventative model leads many to still take a focus on developing their containment measures which is considered better to enable accountability.

This Economic Value of Prevention report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Deep Instinct, analyzes the cost savings that can be taken in an efficient, zero-time prevention model. Results were sourced from over 600 IT and IT security practitioners who are knowledgeable about their organizations’ cybersecurity technologies and processes. Most of these respondents are responsible for maintaining and implementing security technologies, conducting assessments, leading security teams and testing controls.

Read the report to discover the major factors that impact an efficient cybersecurity posture, and the value of a preventative model to help organizations optimize their security budgets while building their resilience.

Value of Prevention Report Highlights

70% of respondents feel that they can contain attacks and this leads to the priority to focus budget on containment, rather than prevention.

90% Prevention of attacks can reduce the cost of an attack, in some cases by as much as half.

55% most feel that they can contain attacks and this leads to the priority to focus budget on containment, rather than prevention.

67% of respondents believe the use of automation and advanced AI would improve their ability to prevent.

50% of respondents say their organizations are wasting limited budgets on investments that don’t improve their security.

21% say their organization increased spend over the past 2 years, while 31% say funding will increase in the next 2 years.



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