Chrome Extension Malware

From being a simple website displaying software, browsers grew to be the multimedia rich and multifunctional software we know today. With time, browsers are expected to support advanced abilities and features. Instead of creating slow-performing browsers that support all possible features with high resource usage, browser extensions were introduced. These extensions allow users to pick and choose their preferred advanced functionalities and add them to a basic browser.

From a security perspective however, they are a hazardous landmine. Browser extensions are easy to install, do not require privileges, or have a certificate check. Furthermore the continuing shift towards web and cloud-based products, means browser extensions are increasingly handling or exposed to sensitive data. The cumulative factors make extensions a highly attractive attack surface for threat actors.

Read more about Chrome Extension Malware by downloading this whitepaper.

You will gain:

• Knowledge of the growth and threat landscape of Chrome Extension malware
• An overview of threat landscape statistics
• An informed prediction of how chrome extension malware will operate in the future
• Useful insight on how Deep Learning was used to mitigate the threat that this malware represents


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