Whitepaper: Making Sense of Fileless Malware

A comprehensive guide for understanding and dealing with Fileless Malware

Threat actors are constantly searching for new and sophisticated ways in which to avoid detection in order to successfully perform malicious attacks.

During the past year there has been an extreme increase in the amount of fileless malware attacks. Fileless malware attacks pose a threat to organizations and a challenge for security vendors, due to the use of various nonexecutable file formats for infection, and the ability to execute parts of the malicious logic of the attack in-memory only.

This phenomenon has encouraged cyber criminals to more extensively adopt fileless attack techniques, which were once mostly used by nation-states, leading to a rise in the amount of fileless attacks.

This whitepaper will present a comprehensive overview of fileless malware, enabling individuals and organizations to better understand and deal with the threat posed by fileless malware.

In this white paper we will cover: 

  • What fileless malware is, and how it differs from other types of malware
  • A deep dive into the attack methods used in a fileless malware attack, including detailed examples for each method
  • Ways in which organizations and individuals can protect themselves from fileless malware
  • Trends and predictions on the future of fileless malware

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