Whitepaper: Malware Classification Using Deep Learning


Classifying Malware Using Deep Learning for Immediate Threat Intelligence

With the increase of cybersecurity disasters and due to the lack of staff expertise, organizations are concerned for the state of their infrastructure’s security, leading many organizations to use third-party threat intelligence solutions.

In order for SOC and IR teams to get a full understanding of an impending threat, they need to measure the threat severity - a task that requires time, resources and money.

That being said, there is an ongoing need to respond to such cyberattacks in real-time with minimal human interaction using artificial intelligence, or to be more specific – deep learning.

classification_mockup2018In this whitepaper, we will cover:

  • How deep learning is being implemented in cybersecurity
  • Why it is important to classify zero-day malware in real-time
  • How deep learning is used to classify malware types
  • The outcomes of malware classification


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