The Wiper Landscape

An Overview of Recent Wiper Malware

The prospect of completely losing the data stored on your disk is not pleasant at all, but making matters even worse is when the boot section and the backups are also destroyed. Welcome to the destructive capability wrought by Wiper Malware!

Wiper malware is a type of malware which strikes victims by wiping specific files on the whole hard disk of an infected computer. Although not very common, wiper malware has a devastating impact on its targets, where the objective is to irreversibly delete or destroy files stored on a disk. To achieve its destructive effects, wipers tend to target various features of the disk and Windows filesystem.

Now imagine, if the organization is a hospital holding your medical information for which your doctor is referencing to prescribe your medication? Or what if it’s an airport, where the airborne plane you’re aboard needs to land, and now its in crisis because aircrew have lost connection? Wiper malware is not pretty and the best thing you can do is to prevent it from entering your systems in the first place.

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In this whitepaper you will gain:

  • Knowledge of the various attack vectors used
  • An overview of wiper attacks in the past 12 months
  • An informed prediction of how wipers will operate in the future
  • Useful take-aways on how to keep your enterprise protected.

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