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Endpoint Protection for iOS and Android

Gain an in-depth review of Deep Instinct solution for Mobile

Fully protecting iOS and Android endpoints means securing them against the latest attack vectors, including malicious applications and exploits that jailbreak devices.

By applying Deep Learning, a subset of advanced AI, we've built a mobile endpoint security solution that provides full protection against even the most advanced attacks. 

Download Deep Instinct's data sheet on mobile threat protection for iOS and Android to see the improved security features that can be obtained:

  • A preemptive and proactive approach based on Deep Learning that enables the anticipation of threats with great accuracy and speed. 
  • Protects against a wider range of attack vectors that target iOS and Android devices
  • Prevents certificate abuse attacks and a wide range of exploits

         and much more!

Get the data sheet to learn more about Deep Instinct D-Client for mobile endpoint protection.

 mobile datasheet

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