Calculate the ROI of Deep Instinct

Calculate Your ROI

Same budget. More Prevention.

Preventing more threats, optimizing your security operations, and reducing costs is more achievable than you think.

• Dramatically reduce the number of false-positives your SOC team must investigate every day
• Increase efficiencies inside your existing security stack
• Improve management time focused on endpoint protection by 80%

The calculator takes into consideration several key factors to show total ROI of Deep Instinct, including:


• Time saved managing endpoint protection solutions
• Time saved in investigating endpoint threats
• Time saved in remediating endpoint attacks
• Avoided financial loss due to user downtime
• Cost savings from retiring legacy solutions
• Cost savings from avoided material breaches


Calculate your ROI estimate using our interactive calculator and then download the personalized report for more in-depth details of the economic benefits that your organization can gain with Deep Instinct.